Wall, NJ Mold Removal & Flood Restoration

When homes are flooded, there are serious safety risks to the families who live in them. Floodwaters can introduce toxins into your home, and dangerous mold can grow. There are numerous risks associated with mold, including severe asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Whether your flooding occurred because of weather, burst pipes, a leaking roof or something else, it is important that you immediately get it cleaned up, inspected and repaired. At Flood and Mold NJ, we have expert staff and top-of-the-line technological equipment to take care of the process for you. Among other services, we provide flood restoration, mold removal, mold remediation and mold testing.

Flood Restoration

When you schedule flood restoration services with us, we begin by conducting a thorough inspection of your home and the damage that happened. We remove all of the debris from the flood and dry your furniture. Then, we clean up everything to lessen the risk of toxins being present in the air. After the flood cleanup, we then repair all of the damage that was caused by the flood. This involves more than simply replacing walls and floors. Because of the danger that toxins were introduced, we also restore upholstery, carpet and textiles to sanitize them. After using our equipment to disinfect everything, we can repair the remainder of your property after providing you with an estimate of the cost.

Mold Removal and Remediation

After conducting mold testing, we perform mold removal and mold remediation services for our customers. Removing mold in the correct way is important because using improper methods may make the problem worse than doing nothing at all. In order to make certain that we completely rid your home of the mold, we follow the guidelines and methods established by the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification. We use the following methods in our mold removal and remediation process:

  • Removing affected objects
  • Wet washing
  • Wire brushing
  • HEPA vacuuming
  • Antimicrobials and biocides

Mold Testing

If you are concerned that you might have a mold problem, we can test your home and let you know. We conduct mold testing in both homes and businesses using advanced equipment. We can check the air in your home to see if it contains mold spores. If you do have mold present, we will find the source of it and explain how to best handle it. People who have recently cleaned up after a flood may have airborne mold present throughout their homes. We can determine whether or not you do and then devise a remediation plan to take care of it.

If you believe that you have a mold problem or you are dealing with a flood in your home, we can help to take care of it for you. Emergency services are available if you need them. To schedule a time for our specialists to come to your home or to get a free quote today, call Flood and Mold NJ today!

When you call Flood and Mold NJ with for help with mold, know that you are in the hands of one of the foremost experts on the topic.

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