Mold Testing in Ocean County, NJ

Environmental friendliness and sustainability is an important concern for families and business owners in today’s world. You deserve to live in an Ocean County environment you can rely on to be clean, fresh, and pure. We provide mold testing around Jackson, NJ to ensure that your property is safe and breathable by testing for harmful substances in the air and building including mold.

Are you worried you might be dealing with a mold infestation? If you or a member of your family is having difficulty breathing or falls ill, or an office building is not properly cleaned, concerns of mold arise. Our mold testing in Ocean County, NJ will determine if there is any moisture or mold growth in your building. Our specialists in Lakewood, NJ use quality equipment to identify the source of your mold and inform you of the best way to treat the situation. We offer the best mold remediation in Ocean County, NJ, getting rid of all mold and maintaining proper ventilation.

Serving Homes & Businesses in New Jersey Since 1997

As a family-owned and operated business with more than 10 years of experience, the New Jersey mold experts at Flood and Mold NJ can help you not only discover an inherent problem, but address it and remedy it using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques approved by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). If you’re experiencing a musty smell or have problems with roof leaks, plumbing leaks, or basement floods, contact us and we’ll quickly determine whether or not you have a problem.

Our equipment will find the source of the mold, and even identify if buildings are experiencing airborne exposure. You can’t see airborne spores and it can spread throughout your entire building in Lakewood. When you’ve recently had a flood cleanup in Ocean County, NJ, and there was no mold present after the service, you could be risking airborne exposure. With field meters, moisture meters, and inspection equipment, our mold testing in Jackson, NJ will get to the root of the problem and address the issue. Every crevice of your building or home will be inspected by our experts.

Call for a consultation!

Do not hesitate to call our office by dialing 732-928-8711 today! We can offer you a FREE consultation and answer your questions about our indoor environmental testing procedures. We’ll evaluate the interior and exterior of your property, and will be available for mold removal in Point Pleasant, NJ. For dedicated, prompt, and thorough service, you can trust Flood and Mold NJ.

When you call Flood and Mold NJ with for help with mold, know that you are in the hands of one of the foremost experts on the topic.

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