June 10, 2019

Mold and Summer-May not be so Fun!

Summer is right around the corner and with the summer months coming up, temperatures will begin to rise which means the humidity will be on the […]
March 12, 2019

Basements and Humidity Control in Jackson and Surrounding Areas

Humid basements or “wet” basements can be caused by several factors in Jackson. One reason would be a high-water table whereas the water pushes up through […]
February 12, 2019

Mold Issues doesn’t just affect Infants and the Elderly!

Mold can be a danger for anybody if present. There are certain groups of people that are especially at risk when exposed to mold. Infants and […]
August 14, 2018

Heavy Rain Hits Monmouth & Ocean Counties in New Jersey

Many towns in Monmouth and Ocean counties, in NJ were hit with a heavy rain storm that devastated parts of Brick, Wall Township, Toms River and […]
May 17, 2018

Are All Sump Pumps The Same?

Are All Sump Pumps The Same? The answer is no! There are many different types of sump pumps. There are main sump pumps and battery backup […]
May 13, 2018

Mold and The Health Effects Associated with It!

We all here stories about “Black” Mold being found after a basement flood or a pipe that burst in a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. The […]
February 21, 2018

The types of mold commonly found in homes

Mold is a simple microscopic organism that can grow virtually anywhere. The fungus thrives in warm, moist locations like bathrooms and in areas where precipitation can […]
February 21, 2018

Does Bleach Kill Mold?

Mold – it’s a serious topic for any homeowner. It shows up unannounced and often spreads before anyone spots it in time. You can find mold […]
February 21, 2018

Six Things to do After a Flood

There are many risks to your home, but few are as insidious as flooding. Indeed, floods are deceptively destructive, and though a home may appear intact, […]
February 21, 2018

Flood and Mold NJ – Certified Mold Professional

If you have recently discovered mold in your home or place of business and want to take action to resolve the problem, you already know that […]
February 21, 2018

The 6 Things Mold Needs to Grow

Homeowners go to great lengths to keep mold and mildew out of their homes. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to stop mold spores from developing and […]
February 21, 2018

Survey Shows Many Homeowners Living With & Worried About Mold

Mold is a type of fungus that can cause stains and bad odors and contribute to poor indoor air quality. Mold can also break down organic […]
February 21, 2018

Asthma and Mold – Everything You Need to Know

If you or someone you love has asthma, you understand the critical importance of keeping your living space allergen free. What you may not know, however, […]
February 21, 2018

Highlighting our sister-site, www.aquasolutionsus.com

Frequent customers of Flood and Mold NJ sometimes don’t know that we have a sister company, Aqua Solutions. We founded both companies in 1997, and both are […]
February 21, 2018

5 common Places Where You Can Find Mold in Your Home

Every year in the United States, mold exposure is responsible for nearly 5 million cases of asthma. Between 2000 and 2010, mold-related insurance claims increased by […]
February 21, 2018

The Dangers of Mold

Mold is everywhere. In nature, its growth plays an important role in the decomposition process. Inside a building, it is a destructive force that endangers both […]
February 21, 2018

Signs Of Mold In Your Home

Mold is part of nature but can be disastrous to your health when left untreated in your home. There are many different types of mold, and […]
February 21, 2018

Check Out Your Air Purification System For The New Year

As the new year approaches, most people make resolutions about eating better, exercising more or taking time to appreciate the important things in life. All of […]
February 21, 2018

Stay On Top of Keeping Your Home Dry & Mold Free

How to Keep Your Home Dry and Mold Free For the Holidays In your fight against mold, you will have greater success if you lower the […]
February 21, 2018

Keep Your Home Mold Free this Fall

Keep Your Home Mold Free this Fall Mold is a homeowner’s nightmare. It’s more than ugly and unpleasant. It’s hazardous to the health of your family […]
February 21, 2018

Preparing For Hurricane Matthew in New Jersey

Hurricane Matthew is projected to hit landfall in the US, please take some pre-cautions to be ready. Here is one example of a smart and easy […]
February 21, 2018

Tips on Keeping Mold Out of Your House

Once mold finds its way into your property, it can be a real pain to get rid of. We’ve seen it over the years—mold that just gets […]
February 21, 2018

Mold Education from Flood and Mold NJ

We’ve been at this since 1997—fixing flood damage and removing mold from all sorts of properties throughout Jersey. With our level of experience, it’s dangerous to assume people […]
February 21, 2018

Water Damage Prevention Tips

At Flood and Mold NJ, we’ve seen a lot of different cases of water and flood damage, ranging from entire homes being damaged to just a […]
February 21, 2018

Here’s Where All That Mold Might Be Lurking

Many of us already know why it’s bad to have mold around. Not only does it reek, it also compromises your immune system, and gets caught […]
February 21, 2018

Why Is Mold Bad?

We’ve already discussed how to best prevent mold and how to know whether your home has mold or not, but we felt one important topic still […]
February 21, 2018

Common Molds Found in Houses

As a company that specializes in mold and flood restoration services in Ocean County, NJ, we know that mold comes in various kinds and colors that can cause different kinds […]