While COVID-19 is still like a powerful storm that has stalled, we here about how families are pulling together, how America is pulling together!

I see on Facebook posts how people need food, toilet paper soap and other essentials, the neighbor’s of Jackson, New Jersey are pulling together in such a way that not only makes you proud to be from Jackson but makes you proud to be an American. The U.S. now has the most cases in the world with more then 300,000.

So many people responded within minutes, even seconds as to how can we get you food, how can we help you? People have volunteered to bring these people what ever essentials that was needed. All the people that were willing to donate had one common question: How do we get to you what you need?

The CDC  is now recommending that a face mask be worn anytime you go outside. It doesn’t need to be a medical grade NIOSH approved N95 or a NIOSH N100 mask. It could be a scarf or any type of fabric that covers your mouth and nose. The reason is that the Corona Virus is air borne for a short amount of time but never the less, its very contagious  and you cant assume that its not where you are. If there is people walking by, better to be safe then sorry and be on the side of caution.

It important for the New Jersey towns hit hard with COVID-19 like Brick, Freehold, Jackson, Howell, Lakewood, Manalapan, Marlboro and Toms River to pay close attention to the CDC Guidelines and to follow the recommendations. We cant stress enough about “Social Distancing”. It is recommended that each person stay at least 6 feet apart. Air Solutions Environmental is suggesting that the 6 feet guideline be a minimum starting point and make it a habit to stay at least 10 feet apart. that leave extra room for error.

Remember, when you get home, take your shoes off outside, put what ever you sued as a face mask and put it i the drier on high heat for  15 to 20 minutes to kill off any potential living Corona Virus, wash your hands with soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds.

If you or anyone you know needs a home, building or restaurant properly cleaned and treated for the COVID-19 (Corona Virus), please feel free to reach out to Air Solutions Environmental at 732-928-8711 or visit our website at

Remember when it comes to cleans and or remediation: 90% Right can be 100% Wrong!

When you call Flood and Mold NJ with for help with mold, know that you are in the hands of one of the foremost experts on the topic.

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