Mold and Summer-May not be so Fun!

Summer is right around the corner and with the summer months coming up, temperatures will begin to rise which means the humidity will be on the rise in New Jersey.

If you live in Monmouth or Ocean County, making sure that you keep your home’s humidity percentage at a stable level is important, not only because mold can grow if you don’t, but for living comfortably in a healthy environment.

By not having the proper humidity control in your home, you may experience poor sleep quality. Your windows and doors will begin swell and stick. Plants in this environment can smell and wilt. Walls in your home can start to peel and grow mold.

Mold is formed from certain conditions. Surfaces that contain a high moisture content with the temperatures rising. Higher moisture reading is noted due to the warmer temperatures holding more humidity than other seasons would. If the humidity in your home is too high and the temperature exceeds 50 plus degrees, mold growth. This is common in basements in Monroe, Millstone and Jackson.

In order to prevent any potential issues in the summer months, you want the percentage of humidity in your home to under 55 percent. How can you make sure that your home stays at the proper humidity levels during the summer in Manalapan and Upper freehold?


Having the proper dehumidification control devices in your home can work wonders for making sure your home stays at the proper humidity levels. Having a dehumidification devices in your home during the warmer months can help you combat more than just mold. People who suffer from allergies can take advantage of healthier living,

If you or a family member is suffering from unknown illnesses, your home may have a high humidity level along with hidden mold. Air Solutions Environmental – can help you with these issues and assist with making your home’s air safe in Howell and surrounding areas.

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