Preparing For Hurricane Matthew in New Jersey

Hurricane Matthew is projected to hit landfall in the US, please take some pre-cautions to be ready. Here is one example of a smart and easy preparation tip. This storm can include lightning that can cause electrical power surges that could damage your home’s equipment and sensitive electronics and other electrical components. This lightning can also strike and damage sump pumps.

Before the storm arrives, cycle your sump on to make sure it operates. Check your battery backup system and replace the battery if it is bad or if it is aging. Turn off power to all your appliances that you are not using and unplug them if possible to prevent a power surge. Once the storm passes and it’s safe to turn the power on again continue using your electronics.

Because a hurricane can drop a large amount of rain in a short period, spend a few extra minutes inspecting your home and its surroundings for flood damage when it’s safe to go outside.

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